A former British soldier died while covering the retreat of his Ukrainian comrades-in-arms

Main photo: Jordan Gatley, Dean Gatley Facebook

Jordan Gatley, a former British soldier whom friends and family called a true hero, died rescuing his group from the Russian occupiers.

His friend Anton, a veteran of the Canadian army, told ITV News about it.

Military engineer Anton together with Jordan Gatley defended Ukraine as part of a special unit of the International Legion, which is under the command of the GUR of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

During the Battle of Severodonetsk, Gatley’s detachment entered into battle with Russian special forces, which led an offensive under cover of tanks.

“There was a lot of artillery, a lot of armoured units, we became engaged with Russian special forces units, Jordan went down a level to provide us with covering fire for the team to make it down the stairs. It was a very dire situation, we had a T72 tank approaching us so we had to make a move very quickly or our chances of survival would have been minimal,” says Anton.

The defender of Ukraine also said that Jordan’s cover allowed the group to retreat to a safe place and continue to perform combat missions.

Being under heavy fire from Russian troops, special forces carried the soldier’s body away from Russian troops. The scouts knew that Jordan would never leave them on the battlefield either.

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