A gazebo made of recycled plastic with solar panels

We already wrote about Precios Plastic Odessa a lab that accepts caps and household chemicals bottles and processes them into nice and useful objects. Now, they presented a gazebo made of recycled plastic with solar panels.

Odessans from the “Precious Plastic” studio have created an amazing gazebo. It is made of recycled plastic, equipped with solar panels and allows you to charge your gadget.

This is the “Dialogue” facility created in cooperation with the OSCE Ukraine. A gazebo was installed in the capital’s botanical garden.

We worked on it for 5 months: from the idea to the last screwed in bolt.

Precious Plastic studio

The Precious Plastic studio was founded by Evgeny Khlebnikov. For more than 5 years, together with the team, Evgeniy has been turning waste plastic into useful objects. Each member of the team is an artist, designer and experimenter.

The studio also offers master classes for children and adults. For example, Evgeny figured out how to turn disposable tableware and ordinary plastic bags into paving slabs.