A group of illegal migrants who were brought to the border by Belarusian border guards were detained on the northern border of Ukraine

The Republic of Belarus supports the artificially created migration crisis and deliberately creates conditions for illegal border crossing attempts by migrants.

Border guards of Ukraine, together with other law enforcement agencies, have been preparing for such provocations since last year, although the EU countries suffer the most from this. It has been repeatedly emphasized that a neighboring country can at any time send flows of migrants in the direction of Ukraine.

It is noteworthy that Belarusian border guards and law enforcement officers actively assist migrants in their illegal journeys.

Border guards of the Zhytomyr detachment at the state border detained a group of illegal migrants from Southeast Asia.

During the execution of tasks, soldiers of the State Border Service noticed a track of tracks leading from the territory of Belarus and immediately discovered and stopped six foreigners. As it turned out later, they were citizens of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The detained men reported that they were taken by car to the border with Ukraine on the territory of Belarus by persons in military uniform; they assume that they were representatives of the border service of the Republic of Belarus. Then they were told in which direction the migrants should go.

Along with this, while also in Belarus, they contacted law enforcement officials who organized their illegal route and who ordered them to call and report their whereabouts after illegally crossing the state border. This is also confirmed by messages in messengers on the phones of foreigners. According to the travelers, before that they unsuccessfully tried to get to Poland, with the help of Belarusian law enforcement officers.

However, the migrants did not succeed in their long journey; immediately after crossing the border illegally, they were detained by Ukrainian border guards.

Currently, the detained illegals are being checked and all the circumstances of the attempt to cross the border illegally and who helped them in such a trip are being established.

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