A look into the past: Ivan Gonchar Museum launches online exhibition with photos of Ukrainians

Main image: Wedding couple. Ivano-Frankivsk region, the village of Kornych1933. Ivan Honchar’s historical and ethnographic album “Ukraine and Ukrainians”

Ukraine and Ukrainians

We, the Ivan Honchar Museum, created this online exhibition to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which protects our lives, heritage and future from destruction by russia.

When you turn the page below, you will see ancient photos of Ukrainians. This is more than just a photo. This is an evidence to the diversity and uniqueness of Ukrainian culture. Also, this is exactly what the enemy wants to destroy. But Ukrainians are an incredibly freedom-loving people, and they prove this every day in their brave fighting.

The exhibition presents photos of the late nineteenth – to first half of the twentieth century from the archives.

Rural community
Cherkasy region, the village of Lypianka1914Ivan Honchar’s historical and ethnographic album “Ukraine and Ukrainians”
Young men in festive attire
Kyiv region, the village of Gusintsi1905Ivan Honchar’s historical and ethnographic album “Ukraine and Ukrainians”

In Ukraine live free people who value freedom and the right to word and thought above all else.

Ivan Honchar Museum

You can view the exhibition by this link

Girls with flowers wearing festive attire
Ivano-Frankivsk region, Verkhovyna district1960-1970s
Collection of the Ivan Honchar Museum

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