A metal sculpture in the Greek Park of Odessa: the apple tree of the Eden

A bright pink metallic tree bearing green apples appeared in Odessa in the Greek Park. This was presented by the author of the art object, the famous Ukrainian sculptor Mikhail Reva.

The sculptor said that he is creating the “Eden the Garden of temptations”, in the central part of the park. His first work in this sculpture garden was a rose tree. 40 green apples on its metal branches will tempt park visitors.

This is the first stage of work from the sculpture garden, which we named the Garden of Life. All the sculptures in the Greek Park are parables. In the beginning – the Fountain, then this zone, Eden – the garden of temptations.

Mikhail Reva

While only a part of the fruit has been welded to the tree, 40 apples will “grow” on the tree. In addition to the apple tree, two more sculptures will be installed here, new landscaping, night lighting and tile paving will appear. This area of ​​the park is planned to open it on June 1.

It is worth reminding that the Greek Park is decorated with another art object of Mikhail Reva – the “Beginning of Beginnings” fountain.