A photo exhibition about the war in Ukraine has opened in Spain

On June 10, the Leon Art Center in Spain will host the opening of a three-month photo exhibition, “IMPRESSIONS” of more than 80 large-format photographs by 7 Ukrainian military press officers who provided their art photos as an author’s representation of Ukraine’s harsh realities.

Ukraine has suffered unprecedented brutality and scale of military aggression since World War II. The troops of the Russian Federation are literally physically destroying Ukrainian cities along with their populations. Over the past 3 months, the aggressor’s troops have killed tens of thousands of Ukrainian civilians.

Thousands of horrific photos have flown around the world, showing the endless pain of war, which is destroying the body of Ukraine and its citizens.

The photo exhibition “IMPRESSIONS” aims to go beyond a simple fixation of events and show an artistic view of the war and its consequences.

The war leaves its mark on every Ukrainian. Ordinary life becomes an illusion; what was necessary until recently now does not make sense. The only thing that matters now is victory and life.

The exposition aims not to frighten the audience but to make them think about the causes and consequences of modern military conflicts and, above all, to assure them of the possibility of victory. Of course, the photos are full of pain from the effects of the war, but they were selected in such a way as to allow even children to visit the exhibition. This is the powerful force of artistic interpretations of reality, working on the inner feelings and representations of the author’s perception.

The project enlisted the support of the National Guard of Ukraine, which collected art photographs from almost all parts of Ukraine affected by the war. The curators formed an exposition of more than 80 photographs by 7 military press officers, who provided their artistic photos as an author’s representation of the harsh realities of today’s Ukraine:

  • Ruslan Muzychuk, Colonel, Press Secretary of the Commander of the NMU.
  • Dmitry Obraztsov, lieutenant colonel, press officer of the NMU.
  • Dmytro Kozatsky, press officer of the OZSP NMU Azov.
  • Mykola Koval, press officer of the NMU.
  • Serhiy Shvedyuk, junior sergeant, an officer of the information and communication department of the NMU.
  • Dmytro Korda, lieutenant, press officer of the military unit 3082 of the NMU.
  • Alexander Zakletsky, press officer of the Armed Forces.

In Spain, the project is supported by the Leon Institute of Culture and implemented in collaboration with Luis Garcia Martinez, Director of the Department of Art and Exhibitions:

Maintaining attention to events in Ukraine is very important, especially through cultural interaction, where the main articulatory means of dialogue is the most modern art – photography, which presents the author’s artistic view of military photographers on events in Ukraine in the first person.

The exhibition will run from 10.06.2022 to 05.09.2022.
Address: Centro Leonés de Arte, Av. Independencia, 18, 24003 León.
Hours of work:
Tuesday to Friday 17:00 to 20:00
Saturday 11:00 – 14:00 and 17:00 – 20:00.
Sunday and public holidays 11:00 – 14:00.

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