A representative of the UN Secretary-General arrived in Odessa

April 04, the Head of the Odessa Regional Military Administration Maksym Marchenko, held a working meeting with the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General in Ukraine / UN Crisis Coordinator Amin Awad.

The key topic was the opening of the seventh UN hub in Ukraine, a special platform in the south of the country, strengthening coordination between the Government of Ukraine and the UN on humanitarian aid and other pressing issues.

“I’m here to urgently identify the priority of geographic areas and sectors where humanitarian needs require an immediate response to deploy the delivery of life-saving assistance in the current extremely difficult circumstances,” said Amin Awad.

The UN crisis coordinator noted that the war with Russia and the blockade of Odessa’s ports had created unprecedented food challenges for the world community, which continue to grow and could cause famine in many countries worldwide. In turn, the Head of the Odessa Regional State Administration stressed that one of the points and the main guarantee of unblocking ports and resumption of navigation is not to attack ships leaving the ports of the Odessa region.

“Navigation in the Black Sea will resume only when Ukraine wins this war and the water area is cleared, thereby guaranteeing the safe movement of ships. Or there will be a destruction of the Russian Black Sea Fleet,” Maxim Marchenko added.

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