A revolutionary hybrid scooter created by a group of engineers from Odessa

Flywheel, one of the vehicles designed and built by the young company EMGo Technology in Odessa, puts together the advantage of an electric scooter and the agility of a push scooter.

The Odessa group of engineers focused on a very specific, complete vehicle that could be used for daily commuting. Surely, at the moment, it the most original project of this company, which has long been dedicated to developing innovative electric vehicles.

Flywheel’s design is inspired by the strengthened structure of the scooter and equipped with wide, knobby wheels, double front fork and rear suspension, which make it look like an off-road vehicle for its category, therefore suitable for traveling on dirt roads. Despite the important chassis, it is a compact vehicle, which can be easily folded and transported in the trunk of a car or stored in a wardrobe. The scooter is equipped with a mini information dashboard, with an on-board computer where you can monitor the battery charge, speed and adjust the lights. Regarding the lighting system, a set consisting of two front lights, one rear and directional arrows is mounted. Riding is comfortable thanks to the padded single-seat saddle.

As far as the performance is concerned, Flywheel reaches a top speed of 50 km/h and has a range of 45 km. The engine has a power of 2.8 kw, from the chain drive and takes, depending on the battery chosen, a minimum of three hours to recharge. Of course, the Flywheel thus becomes a full-fledged moped (so by law it must have a license plate, insurance, and be driven with a license and helmet) but its range of action becomes much wider.

EMGoTechnology is an engineering company focused on the development of innovative solutions in the field of electrical transport, energy storage and green technologies. It has a technology park, a research and development center, a workshop and production and assembly. but it deals also with research on new chemistry for lithium batteries and repair and recycling of the same.

Source and pictures: EMGo Technology