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Main Culture — A unique assortment of exclusive pieces crafted by Ukrainian fashion labels to celebrate Independence Day


A unique assortment of exclusive pieces crafted by Ukrainian fashion labels to celebrate Independence Day

23 Aug, 2023
A unique assortment of exclusive pieces crafted by Ukrainian fashion labels to celebrate Independence Day

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HD Fashion wrote about a collection of silk scarves featuring portraits of Vasyl Stus and Les Kurbas, elegant "Rischelieu" embroidered shirts, charitable hoodies, and other intriguing items from the festive collections of domestic brands


EmbroideredGem Dress

The dress featuring white-on-white embroidery and "Rischelieu" lace technique. Designer Natalia Kyrychenko drew inspiration from festive family photographs of Ukrainians from the early 20th century. Therefore, all items in the new EmbroideredGem collection can be considered solemn and exceptional – just what is needed for celebrating Independence Day.



Hoodie by Ksenia Schnaider

Ksenia Schnaider has released a charitable hoodie adorned with yellow and blue cornflowers. All proceeds from the sale of the patriotic #STANDWITHUKRAINE hoodies are directed to support women with children affected by the war. The collaboration aims to raise funds for a three-week emotional stabilization program for women and children in the "Unbreakable Mother" rehabilitation camp, supported by the "Masha Foundation."



Sova Jewelry Accessories

The festive capsule collection by the Ukrainian jewelry brand SOVA comprises 8 pieces made of gold and diamonds in the form of wheat ears. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and a brooch reinterpret the centuries-old symbol of prosperity and fertility, deeply rooted in Ukrainian culture. "Currently, Ukrainian wheat, like its culture, gives life to people far beyond the borders of Ukraine. This is the power of culture, which can be felt all over the world. Golden ears of wheat are a reminder of the strength of the land, our roots, and unbreakable life that will always grow and thrive," the brand says.



byMe Longsleeves

The brand byMe presented a collection of clothing, footwear, and accessories inspired by the Kosiv ceramics. Since 2019, Kosiv ceramics have been included in UNESCO's List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Kosiv ceramics are primarily recognized for its colors: brown, green, and yellow. Plant ornaments were depicted on jugs and other pottery. These recognizable motifs were placed on transparent longsleeves byMe, while images of vases and jugs were printed on t-shirts. The embroidered shirt, featuring designs from Kosiv vase, tile, and plate paintings of the 19th century, holds a significant place in the collection.



OLIZ Scarf

The brand OLIZ released a capsule collection dedicated to Ukrainian cultural figures of the 1960s and the Executed Renaissance period. The collection was created in collaboration with Kyiv artist Nadia Khart, known for her analog graphic style. The capsule collection includes two black-and-white scarves. The first scarf is styled like a vintage newspaper, featuring black-and-white portraits of Vasyl Stus, Valerian Pidmohylny, Alla Horska, Les Kurbas, and Vasyl Symonenko. The second scarf is adorned with verses and excerpts from the works of artists.



Shirts by diadia and Willna

In honor of the national holiday, Ukrainian brands diadia and Willna joined forces in a symbolic collaboration to create the collection "Destiny Helps the Brave." It includes women's and men's shirts "Trembita," as well as t-shirts and sweatshirts "Smoloskyp." The "Trembita" embroidery on the shirt is placed on a detachable pocket by the heart. The design is based on the tree of life, an ancient sacred symbol, while the Hutsuls play the trembita and declare the message of independence. Traditionally, a flower called the "fire of life" blossoms at the very top of the tree.



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The Odessa Journal

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