About 400 military personnel have been trained for the Drone Army

In a few days, the integrated programme of the Army of Drones will be one month old. As early as next week, our military will begin receiving powerful drones purchased as part of the project. Also, people fly their own drones for the needs of the military. But the project would not be possible without professional operators.

Over the duration of the Drone Army project, the school has produced about 400 military operators. Today, 37 of them graduated from the “Dronarium” school.

“Drone operators are the eyes of our front. Thanks to the specialised training and professionalism of the military, even ordinary drones can perform combat missions. Our defenders effectively use technology in the fight against the enemy and prove daily that nothing is impossible for them,” said Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov.

Drone Army is a comprehensive programme in which we purchase drones, repair them, and conduct operator training.

Currently, the military systematically learns to pilot drones in two schools – “Dronarium” and “Boryviter”. Soon they will be joined by another 10 schools for operators. As part of the programme, servicemen learn drone control and camouflage skills, practice flight tasks, and develop drone control tactics.

Professional operators minimize the possibility of damage and falling of drones. But the most important thing is that they save many people’s lives.

Also, in almost a month, more than 630 million hryvnias were donated worldwide for drones for Ukrainian defenders. Contracts worth 260.5 million hryvnias have already been signed to purchase powerful drones – Matrice multicopters, Warmate ground systems for kamikaze attack drones, and one of the best Fly Eye reconnaissance drones.

You can donate to the “Army of Drones” project or contribute your own drone for the needs of the military on the UNITED24 website.

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