About digital projects with Poland and Slovenia

Vice Prime Minister – Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov, met with State Secretary, Deputy Head of the Chancellery of the Council of Ministers of Poland Janusz Cieszynski and Minister of Digital Transformation of Slovenia Mark Boris Andrianych.

Poland is one of the first countries in the EU to adopt digital documents in the Border Crossing Action. MObywatel has introduced a separate digital copy for refugees from Ukraine in its mobile application. She helped us secure state registers and transferred the necessary equipment.

Slovenia helped Ukraine get a large number of Starlink terminals. Thanks to satellite Internet, our doctors, firefighters, teachers, and thousands of Ukrainians stay in touch.

During the meeting, representatives of the three countries agreed on new joint digital projects, namely:

▪️ mutual recognition of electronic signatures,

▪️ launch of a pilot project on mutual recognition of digital documents,

▪️ together with Poland and Slovenia, Ukraine will be one of the first countries to participate in the pilot ID Wallet.

We are grateful for the support of Poland and Slovenia on all fronts – diplomatic, military, humanitarian, economic and even digital. We are moving towards victory over the enemy and a digital future.

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