About the work of explosives technicians and border guards during the war

Today, April 29, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Denys Monastyrsky spoke about the work of explosives technicians and border guards during a live broadcast of United News.

“Explosives technicians of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine are demining streets and houses so that citizens can return home safely. The government has increased the number of pyrotechnicians by a third. But we will need to increase their number, because the so-called “contaminated area” with shells, bombs, mines is huge,” said the Minister.

Regarding the timing of demining, Denis Monastyrsky said that the world norm is that one day of active hostilities lasts up to 30 days of demining.

“Today, the SES, pyrotechnics are in fact in short supply, they are not enough. We turned to the world and its pyrotechnic leaders. Today we agree that a number of international organizations working in the world in humanitarian post-war demining should attract their specialists to our SES staff.

I hope that in a few weeks the first teams of pyrotechnicians will be on the territory of Ukraine and join ours with their equipment, because this equipment is expensive (one demining machine costs 2.5-3 million euros). We understand that we will need a lot of this equipment, and it will work for years,” said the Interior Minister.

Then they discussed the work of the border service. According to him, the border guards were the first to meet and respond with dignity to the occupier in our country and this answer is engraved throughout Ukraine.

“Currently, they are fighting in the Donbas and Mariupol. They are located in the west of Ukraine, where more than 3.5 million people have crossed the state border in one direction and returned more than 1 million in the other. This is a check of cargo and documents. No border service has yet operated in this mode. They coped with this task,” said Denis Monastyrsky.

He added that it will be possible to appreciate all those who took steps to victory after the war.

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