African Savannah in Ukrainian steppes

A safari park “Arabat Savannah” is being built in the Kherson region. Zebras, lions and antelopes will live there.

“Arabat savannah”. This is the name of an interesting project launched by the safari park in the resort of Arabat Spit. Here, two hectares of land have been set aside for aviaries for various animals from all over the world, and two more want to make a plot of almost real African savannah.

Endemic plants from the “african continent” will not be planted for this purpose, but ungulates, which Ukrainians associate with Africa, will be relocated here. First of all, the safari park management has already purchased two Nilgau antelopes in a nursery in Western Ukraine: a young three-year-old male and a four-year-old female.

But this is just the beginning: plans to relocate to the Arabian savannah zebras, canna antelopes and other recognizable herbivores, which are known inhabitants of the African savannah.

Alexey Getta, the director of the safari park, says that the future Arabat Savannah has now been fenced off. In the future, they will look for the animals and it will not be easy to bring them to the resort during the quarantine restrictions. But if all goes well, a piece of Africa in the steppes of Ukraine will attract thousands of tourists. And it will be not only a magical spectacle: after all, at night to the “roll call” of animals will add their roar and lions, who live in a separate enclosure. This will be a real sound reproduction of the distant savannah.