Alexander Kovalenko: The invaders will imitate the defense of Kherson

The Russian invaders are not going to keep the defense of Kherson “to the last soldier.” They are systematically preparing to imitate defensive actions.

Military expert Alexander Kovalenko announced this on the air of the FreeDom channel. According to him, “exciting processes” are taking place on the right-bank and left-bank parts of the Kherson region.

“In particular, it was recently reported that the Russian occupiers launched the withdrawal of their Russian doctors from the right-bank part of the Kherson region. We are talking about the withdrawal to the territory of the occupied island of Crimea. They took out not only the equipment that they brought, but also Ukrainian, that is There is a large-scale export of drugs: antibiotics and the like, medicines directly from medical institutions and pharmacies. Well, this says a lot, because if they take out equipment, take out medicines, take out their doctors, how will they treat the wounded?” , the expert noted.

He noted that the Russian Federation had concentrated a large group of troops in the Kherson region. Strangely, the command does not think about the consequences of the withdrawal of doctors.

In addition, the occupiers are beginning to withdraw artillery from the right bank to the left bank – it is precisely those units without which the Russian army cannot fully carry out the offensive and defense.

“That is, doctors are being withdrawn, artillery is being withdrawn … What is it about? They will most likely imitate defense in the right-bank part of the Kherson region in the near future. That is, “they will prevent a counteroffensive with the maximum possible forces,” while imitating this, but not to keep, as Russian propaganda says, to the last drop of blood, to the last soldier. It is noteworthy that in the forward positions, the mobilized are concentrated on those that will receive the first blow in the event of a counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They leave the least valuable resource, and they will withdraw the most valuable resource and do everything to preserve the most valuable units as much as possible,” the expert noted.

However, the invaders are building fortifications and fortifications in the Kherson region, but all of them will be systematically destroyed by Ukrainian artillery as soon as the Armed Forces of Ukraine liberate the left-bank part of the region.

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