Aleksey Arestovich: When the bulk of the mobilized can arrive at the front

Aleksey Arestovich spoke about the fate of those mobilized in Russia in a conversation with Russian oppositionist Mark Feygin.

“The first ones are already here. There aren’t many of them, of course. But they were attached to the first unit, in the Svatove or Kharkiv region, where holes need to be plugged. Most will arrive in 2 weeks,” said Arestovich.

When Mark Feygin asked whether the mobilized would be trained, Aleksey Arestovich replied that they would most likely be allowed to shoot at the training ground a couple of times, or throw a grenade. However, the adviser stressed in this case, they would need to use 200,000 grenades. And it’s too much and very expensive.

“The first wave of mobilized will be 60-90 thousand people. I remind you that the total number of troops that invaded, including the L/DPR corps, was about 320,000 people. Now there are less than 150,000 of them. That is, they will not even restore the invasion group. Only the Russians have since become much weaker: aircraft do not fly, missiles are spent, and so on. And there are more Ukrainians, we have become more trained, angrier and supported by Western weapons.”

Speaking of mobilized forces, the adviser added:

“They don’t know anything at all. To be honest, I feel sorry for them. I feel sorry not for each individual, but for the human tragedy that is happening here. And no one will pick up their corpses either. I will use them in such a way that there is no question of any bags (for corpses). They simply will not have time to collect their bodies. Here, the personnel, the elite army was not taken from the battlefield, the adviser emphasized. So the Russian Federation has already mentally written off the first wave.”

According to Arestovich, there are conversations in Russia that the first wave (of mobilized) will now die but will give time to prepare the second and third waves. Although the adviser believes that no one will organize the second and third waves either, since there are no resources for preparation.