Alessandro Masi: “It wasn’t useless”

The Odessa Journal interviewed Alessandro Masi, renowned art historian and Secretary General of the “Societá Dante Alighieri“, the institution in Rome spreading the Italian language and culture around the world.

Which art do you feel closest to you? Cinema, literature, painting, music.


A movie character you would have liked to resemble

Marcello Mastroianni.

Marcello Mastroianni

If you were born again what would you want to be?

A poet.

One thing you did and you are very proud of.

Work at the Dante Alighieri Society.

An experience of your life, that you would not like to repeat.

The lack of projects.

A beautiful thing that you would like to say to a person, but that you never had time to say.

Two sentences come to mind. One of Goethe:

“we never understood each other, we never listened to each other, only when we were in the mud we did understand and listened to each other”.

And the phrase of Shakespeare:

“what was done, could not fail to be done. What happens is inevitable”. I’d tell it all my friends.

What would you like to be told about you?

That my honesty be appreciated.

Is there a song that you never get tired of listening to?

One in particular, by Lou Reed: “Perfect day”.

In the event of a nuclear cataclysm, which movie or book would you save?

Dante’s “La Divina Commedia” and Kafka’s “The Trial”.

A trip or experience that he would like to do, but he never had the courage / time.

A travel inside myself, even more deeply.

They will publish a book about his life. What will the title be?

“It wasn’t useless”

A dream yet to be realised.

Writing this book.