Alfred Koch: Surovikin’s run will go down in history as a symbol of all Putin’s rule

Former Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Government writes about the approach of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to Kherson and the shelling of crossings across the Dnieper.

“By the frenzy with which the Ukrainians hit the retreating Russians from all types of artillery, it is personally clear to me that there is no smell of any agreement. During this retreat, Surovikin gains the experience he lacked in Syria.

There, he fired rockets at peaceful Syrians and bombed from aircraft, and now he has an excellent opportunity to be in their shoes. And experience all the delights of man-made Armageddon for yourself.

Suppose the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroy most of the Kherson group of Russians (and everything goes to such a finale). In that case, this will not only show the whole world the strategic talent of commander Surovikin, but also save Ukraine from the risk of these troops appearing on some other front sector.

Now there are huge crowds of Russian soldiers at the crossings, who are continuously fired upon by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Russians, desperate to wait their turn at the crossings over the bridge near Antonovka and the dam in Nova Kakhovka (however, these crossings are also under fire), abandoned all the equipment and rushed to swim across the Dnieper on the first vessels that came across.

It looks like anything but an organized troop evacuation. This Surovikin’s run will go down in history as a symbol of all Putin’s rule. Call it whatever you want. New Stalingrad or Waterloo. But this shame can no longer be turned into victory.

To use the terminology of Leo Tolstoy, the “spirit of the army” after such maneuvers can no longer be restored, and no matter how illusory Putin’s chances of winning were, now they have completely disappeared.

At one time, Hitler had high hopes for Roosevelt’s death. He believed that this was a sign of Heaven and that the “unnatural coalition of communists and capitalists” would fall apart.”

So the Russian media began to conjure reality and report that Xi Jinping does not confirm his participation in the G20 summit in Bali.

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