Survey: All Ukrainian society came to huge movement – 88% of the 43 million the population of the country testified that their lives changed “radically”

Already 88% of Ukrainians report that their lives have changed “radically” or “strongly” due to the full-scale invasion of Russia. This is the data of a national survey research company Gradus Research, conducted March 8 (surveyed 1743 owners of smartphones 18-60 years old living in cities 50 thousand +). This week the figure was 72%.

Of these people, 19% left their homes: moved to the village within their own region (29%), to another region of the country (46%) or abroad (21%).

“Europe has not experienced such a shift since World War II. War comes from the East, and civilians go to the West searching for security. An increasing number of Ukrainians cross the western border – and I feel great respect for our European neighbors, who tirelessly provide shelter for women, children, and the elderly. But y therefore, rethinking our country, its dignity, its strength, we see the desire of the majority people who have now left their homes to return after the war,” – says Eugenia Bliznyuk, founder of Gradus Research.

About the intention to return to the place of permanent residence at the first opportunity reported 74% of respondents. One week ago, 51% of those who went abroad, and one in three of this group (35%) planned to stay in a new place. Currently, only 9% want to return to Ukraine.

The two main areas of state assistance that Ukrainians expect are humanitarian assistance (food, necessities) and evacuation from “hot spots” to safer places.

As expected, the attitude of Ukrainians towards the northern neighbor has deteriorated sharply – as of 1. In March, 81% of respondents described it as “negative”, and on March 8 – 88%.

Russia’s full-scale invasion has been a significant cause of stress, largely
due to concerns about the safety of loved ones. The second most common reason for nervousness – is awareness of the risk of death during hostilities. Interestingly, the distribution of emotions felt by Ukrainians in connection with the situation is not in a week has changed – anger remains in the first place (62%). It is much ahead of the tension, fear, and frustration that follow. Also the majority of the population
countries (86%) feel cohesion.

The full results of the survey are available on the Gradus Research website.

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