American 50’s Diner

Address: 33, Zhkovskogo street

In mid-December 2018, a restaurant in the style of a classic American diner of the 50s era opened in Odessa. Someone here will recall episodes from the first part of “Back to the Future,” someone from Lynch’s “Mulholland Drive” or maybe even “The Amazing Mrs. Maisel”

The 1950’s represent a unique time in American History. After the devastating effects of a country recently out of war, America embraced an era of new technology, a resurgence of art and culture. More than 77% of all American households would own their first Television Set by the end of the 1950’s.

American 50’s Diner

So, girls grab your poodle skirts and put on your bobby socks Guys grease back your hair, grab a few extra nickels to place in the jukebox to play your favorite songs and hop into your new Chevy. Time to head on down to the American 1950’s Diner

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