An Aquabator will be built in Nikolayev region

The Nikolayev (Mykolaev) City Council, the Galitsynivsky Village Council and the Business Support Center have begun the implementation of the AQUABATOR project – the creation of an ecosystem for the development of aquaculture in the south of Ukraine.

According to the project, a pilot aqua farm for growing trout will be built on the territory of the Galitsynovo territorial community, the Nikolayev City Council said in a statement.

Several years ago, our team, together with international colleagues, began to work out this direction, realising its prospects and the possibility of becoming a growth point for the economy of our region. Together with the Nikolayev City Council, the Galitsynovo community, we took part in the competition for sectoral support programs, which is being implemented by the Ministry of Community and Territorial Development of Ukraine. And we won!

Artem Vashchilenko, director of the Business Support Center

In the future, the aqua farm will become an attractive tourist attraction. They plan to conduct excursions and treat guests with freshly cooked trout. Now the premises for the location of the enterprise are almost ready. The involved experts carried out a feasibility study and recommended what kind of aquaculture to breed. At the beginning of next year, they promise to start the active phase of the project. In just a year, the aqua farm will grow 5 tons of fish.

According to Tatiana Shulichenko, Director of the Economic Development Department, the total cost of AQUABATOR is UAH 8.9 million. Of these, UAH 5.9 million are from the state budget, the rest is co-financing from partners.

Today, we are introducing new opportunities to local residents. We can say that Nikolayevshchina is becoming a center of competence for the development of aquaculture, aqua farming in Ukraine.

Artem Vashchilenko, director of the Business Support Center

Participants can be representatives of micro, small and medium-sized businesses, people interested in starting their own business, and scientists (within the framework of AQUABATOR they plan to conduct research and consult), experts and representatives of educational institutions.

With the launch of this farm, the development of a real high-intensity aquaculture begins. I think the potential of Nikolayevshchina is huge. Why we chose trout: first of all, there is always planting material that allows you to organize a continuous production process. Plus, it’s a delicious and nutritious fish. In a relatively short period of time – 5 months – it grows to a marketable form, 350-400 grams

Lyubomir Gaydamaka, the developer of the existing Black Sea aqua farms and project consultant

In addition to the pilot aqua farm, the initiators of the project intend to create a training center for aqua farmers, where information on suppliers of planting material and feed, fish and seafood growing technologies, and requests for product sales will be collected.

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