An international chain going to take over the ill-fated “Hotel Odessa”

The high-rise and out-of-service Hotel Odessa, located at the cruise dock of the city port, will be transferred to a large international chain.

Deputy Head of the President’s Office Kirill Tymoshenko spoke about this plan at the “Ukraine 3.0 Infrastructure forum”.

There is a big project in Odessa. There has been a closed hotel at the seaport for seven years. I know there is already an investor. The project is actually at its final stage. There will begin the restoration of the embankment and the construction of a new chain hotel, known all over the world.

Kirill Tymoshenko

The government representative did not want to disclose the details of the large-scale project yet. They say that a foreign investor became interested in the hotel, who will implement the project jointly with an Ukrainian company.

Previously, the Hotel Odessa began a process for transfer to the concession at the end of 2019, looking for potential investors wishing to participate in the development of the entire passenger complex, including the hotel. Then, the acting Aleksey Myaskovskiy, director of the SE “Odessa Sea Commercial Port”, said that there were some property issues to be dealt with.

The 80% of the Hotel belongs to the company OMTP and 20% belongs to the company Hotel Odessa. The founders of the latter were originally the brother of the ex-head of the State Employment Service Vladimir Galitsky, Alexander and Semyon Sukhanov.

Today, the LLC belongs to the firm “Arrieva Investments LTD” from the British Virgin Islands. The head of the company since 2007 was a certain Anatoly Busygin. Since October 2020, Sergey Pletusyuk was listed as the head.

Hotel Odessa is a sort of ugly modern landmark of Odessa. The building in obsolete Soviet style is the most visible of the city from flights landing at the airport or taking off. It was completed and commissioned in 2001. At first it was managed by the international Kempinski Hotels chain.

The building needs a solid renovation both outside and inside. Its cost may be about 200 million hryvnia. It has been empty for eight years now. The hotel is now de-energized and disconnected from the water supply. There is almost no furniture in the rooms left.

The hotel has 158 rooms, including 132 standard rooms, 15 junior suites, 10 suites, and one presidential suite. The building has 18 aboveground (82 metres) and two basements, and there is no 13th floor, and the fourteenth is immediately behind the twelfth: the co-owners of the hotel were superstitious people.

Source and pictures: Dumskaya.net