An old Ukrainian of the Kherson region, walked 250 kilometers to escape the occupation

Viktor Chaika, a resident of the Kherson region, walked 250 kilometers to save himself from the Russian invasion.

From the previous days of the Russian invasion, Russian columns from the occupied Crimea marched through the pensioner’s native village of Primorsko, Shumsk.info reports.

Locals destroyed several units of enemy equipment with Molotov cocktails, but the Russians responded by firing on houses.

In the end, the pensioner decided to escape, took a small bag with things and went on foot.

He passed from Primorsky 12 km to Skadovsk, from there – 40 kilometers to Gola Pristan, then – another 25 kilometers to Oleshkiv, from there – to Kherson, Berislav and towards Nikopol.
More than once he had to spend the night in the bushes, because in case of movement at night they could shoot without talking.

In total, the man covered 250 km in five days, until he managed to reach a relatively safe place. He is currently in Western Ukraine and dreams of returning home.

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