Andrey Piontkovsky: China benefits from the defeat of both sides

Political scientist Andrey Piontkovsky, who lives in Washington, explained China’s position on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He believes that China benefits from both the defeat of Russia in the war and the defeat of Ukraine, since in both cases Beijing receives “a huge gain.”

As the expert said this on the air of the Espresso TV channel, if the Russian aggressor won, China could “get” Taiwan, and if the Russian Federation was defeated, all of Siberia

“The defeat of Russia is beneficial to China. The defeat of Ukraine is also beneficial to him. China receives a huge gain in any case. If the forecasts of American intelligence came true, and Kyiv surrendered in 5 days, this would be a crushing defeat for Ukraine and the United States, for whom it would be an exit from the world stage. And Taiwan would have been part of China for a long time, the Taiwanese themselves would have brought the keys to the island. That is, if Moscow won, China would receive Taiwan, and if Moscow was defeated, it would actually receive all of Siberia” , Piontkovsky explained his opinion.

At the same time, he said, Russia became utterly dependent on China.

“Beijing now wants to fix this defeat of Russia, and as a contribution to the new international structure, it wants to sell itself to the West as a constructive negotiator,” Piontkovsky stressed.

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