Andrey Piontkovsky: Putin is waiting for a tribunal because the President of the Russian Federation does not dare to put a bullet in his temple

“Putin does not dare to commit suicide, as Nicholas the First once did. Not only Nicholas the First. I will give an example of another person – Adolf Hitler, who was an incredible villain and scoundrel, but, to his credit, he found the courage to commit suicide. He said: “I don’t want to be taken in a cage around the world later. Putin, I assure you, will never do it himself,” Piontkovsky said to Espresso TV.

The publicist proposes to arrange a tribunal over the Russian high command in Mariupol.

“Putin is a pitiful coward who sits at a 10-meter table with his closest subordinates, for whom fake mothers were kept in quarantine for two weeks. He will never commit suicide. Eventually, we will see him in the dock at the main trial of the Russian military I propose that this process take place in the premises of the Mariupol theater, which was destroyed in the first days of the attack on Mariupol,” the expert added.

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