Andrey Piontkovsky: Putin’s goals have changed

At the moment, Russian President Vladimir Putin is no longer fighting for geopolitical goals and the destruction of Ukraine but for his life. The Russian army has shown that it cannot achieve the initially set goals.

This opinion was expressed by Russian publicist and opposition politician Andrey Piontkovsky on the air of Channel 24.

In his opinion, Putin is seeking a ceasefire to stop the UAF counteroffensive and prevent the liberation of Kherson, which will lead to a political disaster in Russia.

And the next morning, between the Swan Lake demonstrations, we will have to report that Comrade Putin has made a number of serious mistakes in the ‘Ukrainian issue’ and, for health reasons, is no longer able to fulfill the duties of the president of Russia.

Andrey Piontkovsky

It was reported earlier that the Russian military is fleeing from Kherson.

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