Andrey Piontkovsky: Russia will be stirred up by a civil war

The political scientist recalled the year 1917, when armed Russians began to return from the front, and this became the impetus for the start of a civil war.

Political scientist and publicist Andrey Piontkovsky believes that a civil war will stir up Russia. In his opinion, Russia will not break up peacefully into separate republics along ethnic lines, but armed clans will be formed that will fight among themselves.

“The post-war situation in Russia will be the situation of 1917-18. Do you remember the civil war? There were gangs of Makhno, Mamontovs, Mironovs, Budyonnys… Kadyrov and Prigogine set a new tone for Russian politics – not some financial ties will be decisive with the oligarchs. The strength of a politician is determined by the number of armed people who obey him. This is a picture of a completely new Russia. The power of Prigozhin and the strength of Kadyrov is that they have 30,000 armed soldiers who obey only them. You can see that on the front, there are a lot of situations and clashes between these structures and the Russian armed forces. And put yourself in the place of the generals, whom some field commanders call every day to deprive them of their ranks, shoot them, send them to the front as privates,” the expert explained for Espresso.

Piontkovsky recalled the year 1917, when armed Russians began to return from the front, which became the impetus for starting a civil war.

“Putin’s state has lost its monopoly on violence. Violence is becoming an argument for those field commanders who have managed to rally the most qualified, energetic, and numerous armed units. These are the lightning bolts of a new long civil war that will stir up the whole of Russia. Just according to Comrade Lenin, the imperialist war in Ukraine will develop into a civil war inside Russia. At the same time, this is an elite fight.

But the mass, popular struggle will begin when half of the mobs that survive (and half of them, according to statistics, apparently survive), after the defeat of Russia, return to the capital with their machine guns, as the peasant mobilized with rifles returned in 1917. This is roughly the prospect Russia now has,” the publicist is convinced. Piontkovsky characterized the future form of Russia’s structure as “military feudalism”.

Those times when the chance of one or another contender for the chair was determined by his connections, his parents, have already gone. Now everything is decided by the number of armed people in subordination. These are the times of military feudalism, if you like. There is a lot of talk about the potential collapse of Russia, that Russia will disintegrate along ethnic lines or in some other way. And the most terrible disintegration of Russia is underway – the disintegration of the central government and the armed forces of Russia into camps that are at enmity,” Piontkovsky said.