Andrey Piontkovsky: The dictator is preparing public opinion in the Russian Federation to soften the subject of the fall of Kherson

Political scientist and publicist Andrey Piontkovsky said whether Russian President Putin will declare martial law and whether he will use nuclear weapons. The expert believes that now the dictator is trying to distract the Russians from the failures of his army in Kherson. Piontkovsky spoke about this on FREEDOM.

“What’s the difference? It’s all a play on words. He has martial law in the occupied territories, in some neighbors – an emergency, then a special one. Anywhere in Russia, Putin’s authorities can do anything with any person, business, or enterprise. That is, what else is needed for martial law? Everything he needs, the so-called legislative-pseudo-legislative authorities, he already has. He cannot take any new steps. In purely military terms, he has absolutely no trumps left,” the military expert noted.

According to Piontkovsky, Putin sees that the Ukrainian army is superior to the Russian one. Our defenders have a much higher motivation, and the supply of Western weapons also helps. The dictator tried to scare the world with the possibility of using nuclear weapons. However, as the expert noted, Putin was answered to this, the world showed what would happen to the dictator if he took such a step.

Now the dictator uses the last card at the front. He wants to damage Ukraine by destroying its infrastructure. However, the Russian Federation is waiting for a severe military response from the West, Piontkovsky noted.

“I always say that he will not use nuclear weapons… First, it is pointless and will not bring any military results. Suppose he commits a terrible war crime tomorrow and destroys some Ukrainian city. Ukraine will not stop its resistance, and The West will not stop supporting it, but vice versa. Secondly, he is not a martyr, he wants to live, and now he knows that he will be punished very specifically for using weapons,” the publicist added.

He also noted that using nuclear weapons is a very complex procedure, including the actions of two dozen officers. And it is unlikely that all of them will be at the same time as crazy as Putin. And the dictator could understand this, so he switched to the last option.