Andrey Piontkovsky: Ukraine will receive long-range missiles from the United States

The decision of the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, to announce mobilization had a negative impact not only on the internal situation in the Russian Federation but also created an external crisis around it. Now Ukraine has a chance to soon receive long-range missiles from the United States that will help liberate Kherson or destroy the Crimean bridge.

Russian publicist Andrey Piontkovsky spoke about this on Feygin Live.

According to him, Ukraine will receive long-range missiles, and this issue has already been resolved in the United States.

“Putin was treated differently after his army was driven out of the Kharkiv region. And this is not Cannes or Stalingrad, but several towns of regional significance. The liberation of Kherson or the destruction of the Crimean bridge, which will become an elementary task if Ukraine receives ATACMS, will shock the “deep” Russian people, and the bunker, and Putin will not survive it politically,” Piontkovsky said.

At the same time, he indicated that the war would end as soon as the Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated Kherson.

“Given that those close to Putin prefer to reach an agreement to maintain power, and the 25 million Russians who are subject to mobilization do not want to die, the liberation of Kherson alone will put an end to the war,” the publicist summed up.

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