Andrey Piontkovsky: Ukraine’s membership in NATO is a guarantee of the security of the West

Political scientist and publicist Andrey Piontkovsky, in an interview with UNIAN, said that the war with Ukraine is lost, and everyone understands this.

“This issue has already been resolved in the West, this is Ukraine’s membership in NATO. Finally, the question is put correctly – turned upside down. Ukraine’s membership in NATO is not some kind of favor, not a gesture from NATO to Ukraine, which it has been seeking for 20 years, but they: “Here you are.” No, this is a guarantee of the security of the West. Kissinger recently wrote very well about this. A man who fought for 30 years for Ukraine’s neutral status, and for its non-entry into NATO. He now admits he was wrong. “I wanted to prevent the war, and now I understand that this is precisely what caused Putin’s aggression.” And he wrote terrific words that the most significant geopolitical event of 2022 is the appearance on the world map of a new great power with one of the strongest and most effective armies. This is a complete change in the geopolitical situation.

Of course, everyone understands that in two months, another Pupkin may appear in the Russian Federation, who will again scream about the Russian Empire, about the Russian world. But Ukraine will already be standing on its border, which will not have to beg for packages of weapons but will be stocked up to the neck with all NATO weapons. So, Russia’s foreign adventures will be finished forever.

And what will happen to the Russian state, and there Kadyrov will deal with them. Or do you think Kadyrov will not immediately declare Chechnya an independent state? Of course. But if you feel so far in this perspective, then, in the end, Comrade Xi will get tired of this whole mess with 27 PMCs, and he will quickly establish order, at least in the Far East and Siberia.”

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