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Main War — Andrey Piontkovsky: why it was easy for Putin to influence Obama and Trump


Andrey Piontkovsky: why it was easy for Putin to influence Obama and Trump

25 Oct, 2022
Andrey Piontkovsky: why it was easy for Putin to influence Obama and Trump

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Blinken and Austin are the ones who lobby for Ukraine's interests in the White House, Piontkovsky believes.

Russian political scientist and publicist Andrey Piontkovsky told why it is not necessary to pay much attention to the scandalous statements of Elon Musk. The fact is that former US presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump demonstrated extraordinary elements of dependence on Putin. Piontkovsky gave an interview for UNIAN.

“I wouldn’t focus so much attention on him. I named the bigger figures who work for Putin - these are the two former presidents Trump and Obama. Nothing, the American deep state copes with this. And as for Musk, he needed to be checked a long time ago. Why did he suddenly kindle such love for Putin? At first I assumed that some young lady appeared in his entourage, but the reality turned out to be much banaler, without any romance: he recently had huge problems with one of his firms. There is official open data that he received a multi-billion dollar contribution from some foreign investor. So we need to see what kind of investor it is," Piontkovsky said.

The publicist also explained in detail that Obama and Trump were inclined towards US isolationism in foreign affairs. With regard to Obama, his upbringing and education played a significant role.

“You know, they are easy to influence. I’m not saying that Obama and Trump are Putin’s agents. Although Trump has some elements of a strange dependence, we have all seen it. There is a deeper reason. This trend of isolationism is quite traditional in American politics. We remember the difficulties that Roosevelt experienced during the Second World War over the fact that American society should take part in the war against German fascism.

As if from opposite positions, Obama and Trump favor America's withdrawal from world politics. Obama is from the extreme left. He was educated by Islamic preachers at an Indonesian school and later by liberal professors at Harvard. Both convinced him that imperialist America was guilty before the world's oppressed peoples. It was part of his philosophy, so he was always very skeptical about any action on the world stage.

And Trump is the same but from opposite positions. If America was too bad for Obama, it was too good for Trump. Both of them, from different ideological positions, preached America's rejection of the role of leader of the free world. So the fact that American politics has such tendencies is not surprising, rather natural.

Moscow, of course, makes great use of them. The huge "fifth column" also works for this. I would qualify this whole company of Musks, Trumps and Obamas in this way: 20% are open Kremlin agents, and 80% are useful bourgeois idiots.

We all want help to be bigger and faster, and rightly so. But we must understand our American friends, above all, such as Blinken and Austin - the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of State, who are pushing through this assistance, despite resistance within the presidential administration. We must understand and appreciate that this is always achieved during a severe domestic political struggle," Piontkovsky says.

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