Andrey Yusov: Ukraine is preparing for a new massive missile strike

Russian army can still deliver massive missile strikes on the territory of Ukraine. Their goal is to intimidate Ukrainians and spread panic among the population.

Andrey Yusov, a spokesman for the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, said this on November 1 on the air of the telethon.

“Attacks can continue. The question is how massive such strikes can be, as we saw on Monday. Of course, they cannot be on a daily basis, because the aggressor state also depletes the stocks of missile weapons, but much more damage can be done. “These are terrorist acts of a terrorist state against civilian infrastructure with the aim of intimidation and sowing panic. The state is preparing for this, society too. He definitely did not achieve this goal of intimidation, which is set by the world’s number one terrorist Putin,” Yusov explained .

The representative of the Ukrainian intelligence emphasized that the goals are determined not by the Russian military but by “collective Putin.”

“If they could determine something, perhaps a full-scale invasion would not have happened. Because for the Russian army and state, this decision was destructive and suicidal. Senile people make decisions cut off from reality, such as the collective Putin, whether the alcoholic Medvedev or the elderly teenager Kiriyenko. Surnames may differ, but these people are as divorced from reality as possible. They have no military mission. Now the Russian leadership is already confessing to war crimes that they are shelling not only military infrastructure but also civilian ones. Ukraine will withstand these blows: at a big and heavy price. And Russia will be forced to withdraw from the occupied territories. Now Putin is only increasing the price of reparations,” Yusov stressed.

  • Russian terrorists on Monday, October 31, massively fired on the energy infrastructure of Ukraine. Therefore, a large number of settlements, including Kyiv, were left without electricity.
  • Ukrainian President Zelensky said that Russian terrorists fired 55 cruise missiles at Ukraine. Ukrainian defenders shot down 45 of them.
  • Putin confessed to committing a war crime and said it “was partly revenge because of the explosions of the Black Sea Fleet.” The dictator also threatened the Ukrainians, saying, “this is not all that Russia is capable of.”
  • Forbes reported that Russia attacked Ukraine on October 31 with various types of missiles and drones totaling about $760 million.

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