Anna Malyar: Eastern Front. It’s tough in Bakhmut

Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Anna Malyar, in an interview for the We are Ukraine media platform, spoke about the situation in eastern Ukraine, which is currently considered the most difficult, but controlled.

“At the same time, the situation is different, but the epicenter of the most critical battles can be found in Bakhmut. It’s hard there. On some direct lines, we move forward; along the Donetsk region, the enemy is advancing. And we are already talking twice about the same thing that has already come. The Russians have put to their troops, already on the cob of a large-scale invasion, the term, if they are guilty again, to enter the borders of the Donetsk region. According to their plans, until the end of this month (October), the stench will be responsible for taking Bakhmut. And that’s why there are now very hot battles, tough battles. We are on the defensive. We do not allow the enemy to advance, and they are on the city’s outskirts. Instead, do not underestimate the enemy. We must realize that this is a powerful enemy. And today, in the Bakhmut region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are using all possible power to prevent the enemy from advancing,” explained Malyar.

Anna Malyar

Deputy Minister also spoke about the morale of the Ukrainian fighters.

“Where there are strong, exhausting battles, moral support and psychological support are sometimes needed. Some rest is needed. For a person, this is a difficult physical test. Despite all the difficulties, everyone with whom I communicated is determined only to liberate all territories. That is, it is necessary to understand: ours get tired, but ours do not break. This is a characteristic feature of a Ukrainian fighter. But we all have to remember that we are human. And we must understand that there are professional soldiers on the front, and others are civilians who work in the armed forces. And it is more difficult for them. This fatigue is there, but everyone is ready to continue vacating the territories.”

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