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Main Culture — AntiGonna: 13


AntiGonna: 13

11 Mar, 2021
AntiGonna: 13

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On March 12, the project of the artist AntiGonna will be opened at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Odessa and the Experimental Space Muzeon. This is the first personal project of an Odessa artist in Ukraine.

AntiGonna is the Odessa artist, director and trash model, nominated for the Pinchuk Art Centre Prize 2020. She gained her fame thanks to provocative videos, nude performances and collaboration with photographers in a unique genre for Ukraine a porn horror. Her transgressive artistic practice with the use of shock methods destroys everyday social attitudes and norms - encouraging the viewer to rethink his own experience.

The demonstration of the naked body in USSR was prohibited and in unofficial culture was identified with freedom and the right to individuality. Modern Ukrainian society also continues to stigmatize nudity and sexuality, excluding this important part of human life from public discussion, and the process of the formation of the bodily self, in contrast to Western culture, is at an early stage. The body, as the last inalienable stronghold of individuality, remains the battleground between the public and the personal. And art takes the most direct part in this battle.

Most of the works will be presented for the first time, for example, the series "Selfie" - a kind of artist's video diary, in which she records her fears and observations. The video installation "KATA-KOMBA" tells the story of a woman after a sex change. From several series of videos from the project "Andrey Andreieva" the viewer learns about the life of prostitutes, violence by women, police terror. A fragment of the future full-length film "The main idea" will tell about women murderers, and the video "13 nostrils or Homunculo" about the other side of parties and raves.

The main themes of my work are fear, sexuality and death, the change of boundary states, self-flagellation, narcotic utopia and dissatisfaction with today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.


AntiGonna is both an artist and a model. Her body can remain erotic, desired, desiring, but at the same time it is a cold instrument of interaction with the world, working in accordance with her creative will.

AntiGonna was born in 1986 in Vinnitsa. Lives and works in Kyiv, Odessa and Warsaw. She studied at the Odessa Art School named after I. M.B. Grekov.

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Oksana AntiGonna. Scene from the film "Underwater", author: Natalka Dyachenko

Overcoming various taboos, the social stigma AntiGonna continues on the path to sexual freedom, equality and emancipation, despite serious social barriers. Her work is the actual art of today, with its questions, contradictions and screaming into the void.

The exposition will present photos, video works, collaborations, performances over the last 5 years of AntigonStaff production. This is the first personal project of an Odessa artist in Ukraine, and it includes three complementary parts: a collective project in the MSIO Exhibition Hall, video installations in Muzeon Experimental Centre, educational lectures and a final party. Project curator Andrey Siguntsov.

The project will run from March 12 to May 2 in Odessa Museum of Modern Art. And till April 4th at the spaces of Muzeon Experimental Centre.

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Endless story of disease. Kyiv Porn Horrors, part 1. SBOYKA, 2020. PinchukArtCentre © 2020

Since 2016 AntiGonna has been participating in performances of the Theater of provocative fashion "Wild Orchid" by Mikhail Koptev. Participant of such queer festivals and exhibition projects as: Vienna PFFV Queere Festival Vienna, Austria (2020), Southern Maltings - 5 Minute Film Festival South Maltings, UK (2020), 4th International Horror Festival. Mostra Espantomania "Sao Paulo, Brazil (2019)," Love, Lust & Fury "Klaipeda, Lithuania (2019)," Audience Awards "New York, USA, (2019)," RabarBar Queer Festival ", Krakow, Warsaw, Poland (2019), “POMADA. Eden 8 "Warsaw, Poland (2018)," 12th Internationale Berlin Porn Festival "Berlin, Germany (2017), nominee for the Pinchuk Art Centre Prize 2020 Kiev, Ukraine (2020), group exhibitions" FEAR "Arsenal Gallery Bialystok, Poland (2020), "Naughty Bodies" Kmitovsky Museum of Fine Arts Bukhanchuk, Kmitov, Ukraine (2019).

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