Architect Hiroki Matsuura will develop a master plan for Irpin

Photo: MADMA urbanism+landscape

Architect and urban planner Hiroki Matsuura will develop a master plan (spatial development strategy) of Irpen, said the chairman of the Investment Council and former mayor Volodymyr Karplyuk.

Matsura visited Irpin, where he met with Mayor Oleksandr Markushin. They discussed the restoration of the city’s infrastructure and agreed to cooperate.

I was in 10 cities of Ukraine. This is the best city I’ve ever seen. For us, for urban planners, Irpin is a dream city. I understand why young families are moving here

Hiroki Matsuura

According to the agreement, Matsuura will present to the city authorities a master plan of Irpen, which will emphasize the city’s features.

Volodymyr Spivak, CEO of “Vidvazhni” and MOLODIST investment group, will be the project manager on behalf of the city.

Hiroki Matsuura is an architect and urban planner of Japanese descent living in the Netherlands, founder of the architectural and urban planning bureau MADMA urbanism + landscape and MASA architects. He has visited Ukraine many times, was a guest expert of the Kharkiv School of Architecture and a member of the jury of Ukrainian architectural competitions.

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