Architectural drawings of Odessa by Dasha Pliska

The architectural monuments inspired the artist Dasha Pliska to create a series of amazing drawings, in which houses are combined with mysterious embrace by human hands.

Odessa, a pearl by the sea … This is the only way Ukrainians call the city. They love Odessa for the festive atmosphere, unique local flavour, sharp humour and, of course, beautiful architecture. This city is a real open-air museum, along the streets of which you can wander endlessly.

A series of paintings entitled “Architecture of Odessa” is an unusual project, since light notes of surrealism are mixed with realistic images – hands that have come from nowhere. The combination, it would seem, is absurd, but the palms so harmoniously complement the “stone body” that sometimes it seems as if it is a single organism.

In each painting, the hands perform different “functions”: on one they embrace the building, on the other they press them to themselves or playfully intertwine their fingers around the front door, on the third palm they are completely folded, as if propping up the chin-house … Each work of a young woman from Odessa, Dasha Pliska, executed laconically, precisely and refined, filled with love for the hometown.

In every picture by Dasha Pliska, the idea of ​​protecting architectural monuments is “read”, however, there is something else in them that intrigues the viewer at first sight. What exactly is up to you.

Dasha Pliska
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