Arestovich answered what Ukrainians to expect on August 24 from Russia

Aleksey Arestovich, the adviser to the President’s Office, doubts that Russia will launch mass missile strikes on the territory of Ukraine on August 24.

He said this during a live broadcast with Mark Feygin.

“And now attention. They hit a mass event. What’s for? .. Well,” punished “, killed civilians, a lot of blood on the air. What will be the reaction of the world? Another 20 HIMARS. If they want it – ok, why not “, – he said.

“I don’t believe in a massive strike on peaceful targets. In the military, yes, most likely, there is a chance they will try to launch them. As always, they will miss and hit civilians. But the targeted killing of civilians as a military plan, to be honest, for all the cannibalism of the regime, it is stupidly very unprofitable for them. Joy will be for 15 minutes, and the consequences will be for 15 years ahead,” he added.

Arestovich also clarified that the air defense would be on intensive duty during the upcoming holidays, especially in front-line cities. He also said that a mass event had already been held in Kyiv on Saturday – a “parade” of Russian military equipment, which was seized from the invaders during the city’s defense, was held in the center of the capital.

Earlier, Ukrainians were warned about the high threat of missile strikes from the Russian Federation on August 23-24. In these Ukraine will celebrate Flag Day and Independence Day.

The National Security and Defense Council also stated that Russia was preparing provocations for Independence Day and against Zelensky.

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