Arestovich for the first time called the number of losses of Ukraine in the war

According to Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to the head of the President’s Office, since the beginning of the full-scale war, Ukraine has lost about 10,000 military personnel.

At the beginning of the war, according to the adviser to the head of the OP, 100 fighters per day were killed.

Arestovich spoke about this in a conversation with a Russian lawyer, human rights activist Mark Feigin.

At the beginning of the conflict, we had 100 deaths per day on average. But in the Russian army, 1000 per day died in the first 20-30 days. Now 200-300 die, not less. Well, look, today is an atypical day, artillery worked too well, so we sentenced 600 people a day, not less. It will be so: one to five, one to three, one to six fluctuate like this

Aleksey Arestovich

Feygin asked whether it was possible, based on Arestovich’s calculations, to say that the Ukrainian army had lost up to 10,000 soldiers?

“Yes, like that,” he replied.

In this context, the adviser to the head of the Presidential Office criticized the Western allies, who are slowly transferring weapons to Ukraine.

Because even today has shown that if we had three times more funds for the same artillery, we would have solved the problems with these terrible Russian offensives in all these terrible places very quickly and efficiently

Aleksey Arestovich

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