Arestovich: how does the lack of negotiations between Ukraine and the Russian Federation contribute to the overthrow of Putin?

The lack of negotiations between Ukraine and Russia contributes to the fact that in the Russian Federation, there was a conspiracy against President Vladimir Putin to overthrow him.

Russian deputy and adviser to Putin Sergei Glazyev wanted to convince that the Russian Federation was not guilty of starting the war, and to convey that his country wants negotiations, Alexei Arestovich, adviser to the President’s Office, told Feygin LIVE.

“… The logic is this – we were drawn in, we did not want a war. And read it like that – we are not to blame, we were drawn in, it’s not us. The United States is indirectly to blame for all these destructions. Butches and other raisins, because they also pulled “We were forced. And then there is the fog of war, you shoot and you don’t see, and then bam – and there were 400 civilian corpses…” the adviser said.

According to the adviser, the fact that Russia wants negotiations inevitably follows from the message of its alleged innocence in the war.

“… This inevitably follows from the first, because if the States and Britain are involved, then they have some interests, let’s talk about these interests … “, Arestovich added.

The OP adviser stressed that there would be no negotiations with the Russian Federation.

“But there will be nothing, no negotiations, because the absence of negotiations with them is the most profitable strategy for the speedy arrangement of the collapse within Russia itself and bringing the situation to such a point that such Glazyevs, having agreed with all sorts of other comrades, will want to remove Vladimir Vladimirovich from his post of the president,” he says.

Earlier, Sergei Glazyev said that the United States was waiting for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, “Russia was drawn into a war with the entire West according to the American-British scenario.” The Russian deputy claimed that the Russian side was “inspired with the illusion of a quick victory.”

It is worth noting that Western countries tried to dissuade the Russian Federation from invading Ukraine and warned Kyiv about the threat of large-scale aggression.