Arestovich: How many newly mobilized Russians are now in Ukraine

There may now be 50-60 thousand mobilized Russians on the territory of Ukraine.

Aleksey Arestovich, the adviser to the head of the President’s Office, said on Feygin LIVE that some estimate the number of people mobilized at the front at 100 thousand people.

“In Russia, not 300 thousand people were mobilized, but 238. And then they (Russia) cannot do this simply because the military registration and enlistment offices cannot cope. The fact is that their mobilization and the planned autumn call coincided. And the system is failing. There is not enough food, water, clothing, ammunition, military equipment, etc.

The other two waves, namely the million mobilized, which they planned to collect, will fail. They will be able to do this only in one variant: if we kill all the previous ones, they will collect all the clothes, all the weapons, and then a million mobilized people will turn out. And this attempt failed. They couldn’t even collect 300.

Of these 238 thousand, only 43%, to one degree or another, have begun training and equipping. The rest sit in gyms, sit around, and drink. There have already been three major riots.

According to average data, these mobilized now in Ukraine are about 60-65 thousand. And this is generally in a military theater. I mean Belgorod, Belarus and so on. If you are interested in the number of people mobilized on the territory of Ukraine, I think there are 50,000 of them.”

It is noted that those mobilized after spontaneous exercises with weapons are thrown into the hottest sectors of the front. Among them, there is an extremely low motivation.

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