Arestovich: if the Republicans win in the USA…

Republicans will continue to help Ukraine if they win the US elections.

This opinion was expressed by the adviser to the Presiden’t Office, Aleksey Arestovich in a conversation with a Russian human rights activist, lawyer, and journalist Mark Feygin.

“Among the Republicans, there are isolationists and those who gravitate towards Trump. Some hate Democrats and see Putin as the guardian of conservative values. But this group does not represent the majority. If anything, they will not be able to push through a decision about, for example, losing Ukraine in the war,” Arestovich said.

He also added that the Republicans could pass off the Lend-Lease decision as their own.

“They will twitch for a while. They will need time for internal logistics, to take this majority, to place committee chairpersons, etc. And then they will collectively issue something like:” You know, the Democrats promised lend-lease, but we actually launched it, “ Arestovich said.

“And besides, we must not forget a simple thing: the Republicans are the American armed lobby. And they can value the possibilities. In addition, the countries of Europe have accelerated along the path of militarization and are pumping up their ability to respond to a military threat and increase military assistance to Ukraine.

And as we understand the harmonization of American and European policy, this is far from the last point in the interest of the United States. It is called The North Atlantic Commonwealth, also known as the NAC. And now let’s imagine: the Americans, who have taken power, and the Europeans meet one day. Europeans say: “You know, we have expanded military assistance to Ukraine here and are preparing to repel threats. And you?” And the Americans answer: “And we decided to reduce military assistance to Ukraine altogether and worry less about security on the European continent.”

Can anyone in their right mind imagine this situation? This is an impossible situation. I think that the flow of weapons will increase, and the range will expand.”

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