Arestovich: it’s worse than drowning a potbelly stove with dollars

The Russians did not solve the problem, they simply threw away the potential, the adviser explained.

Russia has spent its strategic reserve for nothing, Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to the OP, said in an interview with Mark Feygin.

Russia has a little more than 200 X-55, X-101 missiles. According to Arestovich’s calculations, they will be enough for 4-5 strikes in the event of launches of 70 missiles, like last time.

“It’s sad for them: they didn’t solve the problem; they threw away their potential. All these entertainments cost them $10 billion. They threw away a strategic reserve to achieve barely tactical goals. What goals? Ukraine sat for two days without electricity. And you were left without a strategic potential of one of the main means of attack that is in service with Russia,” Arestovich explained.

The OP adviser agreed that Moscow could change the missiles, but only to the detriment of efficiency.

They can change missiles, fire Kh-22s, and so on. But (they won’t be able) to inflict damage on infrastructure with a missile with an error of 600 m. These don’t always hit. Then they will hit with medium-range missiles up to 300 km, which they have hanging on the Su-34,” he said.

According to Arestovich, the enemy still has the potential to in principle, deliver strikes against Ukraine: “But the Russians will change the types of missiles to less effective ones. For example, to anti-ship, but they have their own specifics with less efficiency.

“This is idiocy, it’s worse than drowning a potbelly stove with dollars. Bartering the strategic potential for nothing,” Arestovich summed up.

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