Arestovich: “Layers” of dead Russians near Bakhmut and “heat” in the Kherson region

Aleksey Arestovich, the adviser to the President’s Office, described the situation at the front. He told what is happening now near Bakhmut and whether there are battles in the Kherson region.

On the air with Russian oppositionist Mark Feygin, Arestovich recalled that many people who had come under fire from the Russian Federation had died in Kherson in recent weeks. The Russians, considering the city “its own”, attack it and kill the civilian population.

Fighting continues in the Kherson direction, the invaders receive retaliatory strikes from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and artillery duels are going on between them, Arestovich noted. However, the defenders of Ukraine have an advantage – HIMARS, and therefore the rashists “get” much more “heat” than our country’s military.

“It must be very clearly understood that until they (the invaders) are pushed a few tens of kilometers from the coast, the shelling of Kherson will continue. Therefore, everyone in Kherson must decide on their own what to do next: to stay or not stay…” – said Arestovich and urged people not to sound alarms.

Also, the adviser to the OP spoke about the situation at the front in the Ugledar region. Russian troops there cannot boast of success. According to Arestovich, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are actively frustrating all the plans of the invaders. From Maryinka to Bakhmut, the occupiers began to “get active.” The OP adviser said that the Russians are particularly active in the direction of southwest of Horlivka.

“That’s where they concentrated their efforts. PMCs, cadre units, mobilized – they are trying to break through the front and move in the direction of cutting, as I understand it, the highways. There are no other options there, Avdeevka and Konstantinovka … Here they are hitting the Ozaryanovka area, where we have the main point of application of efforts … And there is a rather difficult situation, because, as usual, the concentration of superior enemy forces, artillery, and so on, in a narrow area,” Arestovich said and noted that our troops are working in response and rebuff the enemy.

In the area of ​​​​Bakhmut and Soledar, there is a “familiar picture”, the adviser to the OP added. Russians make several attacks during daylight hours. However, Arestovich noted that the occupiers are not succeeding, and therefore “new layers” of dead Russians appeared on the fields.

“The area of ​​Kremennaya and from Kremennaya to Svatovo, where the initiative belongs more to the Ukrainian side. They (occupiers) snap back, carry out fast counterattacks that do not matter more than tactical. This is always what we said: 2-3 platoons, 1- 2 companies are trying to solve some problem for capturing the next intersection, the height, the outskirts of the village, and the forest belt. But without much success,” Arestovich summed up.