Arestovich: “Putin did not understand three things”

The adviser to the head of the OPU compared Putin with Stalin. He spoke about this on the air of Feygin Live.

Putin simply did not understand three things in this world. First, he is not Stalin. Second, he does not have 27 million militarized and armed forces, because the industry does not work. And third, he does not have a lend-lease. Lend-lease is on the other side.

Aleksey Arestovich

On the other hand, as Arestovich noted, Stalin did not have energy weapons and such giant fifth columns in Europe, the Kremlin, let’s say. “Therefore, there is parity to some extent,” he added.

Recall that the United States appreciated Putin’s plans to capture all Ukraine. US Deputy Secretary of Defense Colin Kahl noted that the Russians can gain tactical advantages in some areas. However, they will not be able to capture the whole of Ukraine.

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