Arestovich: Russia will soon abandon massive attacks on Ukraine

Russia is spending millions of dollars on massive missile attacks on Ukraine. Aleksey Arestovich is convinced that the invaders will soon abandon this tactic.

So, the Russians spent about half a billion dollars on a new attack. However, it had almost zero efficiency. This was announced by an adviser to the Office of the President during a stream on the Feygin LIVE.

Finally, the smart one asked: “How much can you throw away half a billion at a time, and sometimes even under a billion, if all the consequences are 2 days without electricity in Ukraine?

Aleksey Arestovich

He added that the enemy does not achieve other goals. Therefore, if the invaders have even a little sense left, in the near future they will abandon massive missile strikes on energy.

In addition, Arestovich noted that the Russians would not be able to restore the spent missile stocks. Therefore, according to the official, now the Russians are seriously thinking about the tactics of massive strikes.

  • On December 5, Russia launched its eighth massive missile attack on Ukraine. There were hits on a number of energy facilities.
  • The invaders fired over 70 missiles, including Kh-101/Kh-555, Kalibr and Kh-59. However, the air defense forces shot down about 60.
  • The Main Intelligence Directorate is sure that there are almost no precision weapons left in Russia, but there are still some types of missiles.