Arestovich: Russian troops are preparing to surrender Kherson

The troops of the Russian Federation are preparing to surrender Kherson, but they are no longer in the Mykolaiv region.

The adviser stated this to the head of the President’s Office and military expert Alexey Arestovich in an interview with Tatiana Popova.

“The Russians have already prepared Kherson for surrender. Few people know about this, but they are seriously considering leaving Kherson, including, among other things, their plans. This does not mean that Kherson will be liberated tomorrow, but nevertheless,” Arestovich said .

“There is no enemy at all in the Mykolaiv region, all battles are already underway in the Kherson region,” he added.

According to Arestovich’s forecast, the Russian Federation does not have the strength to attack on the territory of Ukraine, and Putin will make his own victory “within the country.” As for the negotiations, the military conditions coincide with the political ones.

“The Russians are very constructive and active. The Russians are asking for negotiations, they are a proactive side. The main intrigue is the administrative border of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions along the administrative border or until February 23,” Arestovich said.

Earlier it was reported that medicines, food and fuel are running out in occupied Kherson. In addition, residents are facing pressure from the occupiers, who disperse peaceful protests and conduct raids.

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