Arestovich: The capture of Severodonetsk will not change the situation at the front

The Ukrainian Defense Forces are counterattacking the occupiers in Severodonetsk, and several streets have already been recaptured. However, the city’s capture will not change the situation at the front.

Aleksey Arestovich, the adviser to the head of the President’s Office, stated this in an interview with DW.

According to him, the invaders did not expect counterattacks in Severodonetsk. Ukrainian soldiers carried out a good operation.

When asked whether the possible complete capture of Severodonetsk by Russian troops would strategically change the situation at the front, Arestovich replied:

“No. It won’t change strategically, strategically the Russians lost in relation to their primary plans. Lysychansk is a city that is located above Severodonetsk and taking it head on is below average pleasure. Even if we imagine the impossible and they capture the entire agglomeration (Severodonetsk-Lysichansk) so what? That is, everything that they accumulated, they spent all their forces there, and they need to take new forces somewhere for the next offensives, and, frankly, I don’t see where to get these forces.”

The head of the Luhansk regional military administration, Serhiy Gaidai, said that the occupying troops captured about 70% of Severodonetsk, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine moved them back by about 20%.

Subsequently, it became known that the military is taking measures to return Severodonetsk under the full control of Ukraine and are confident that “everything will succeed.”

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