Arestovich: the Kremlin is ready for a long struggle – for wear and tear

Russia is ready for a long war in Ukraine. The main task of the aggressor is not victory on the battlefield but bringing the West into a state of pushing Ukraine towards Minsk-3.

Aleksey Arestovich stated this during the online conversation with Mark Feygin.

The Kremlin is ready for a long struggle – wear and tear. Enough for now. And their main stake is not victory on the battlefield, but bringing the West to a state where it will push us hard towards “Minsk-3.” For this, pressure Russia applied on the battlefield and this food-energy-migration crisis, which in the future should put pressure on the Western social situation, economy, politics, and raise the level of dissatisfaction with this war

Aleksey Arestovich

Arestovich also commented on today’s statement by Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev that Russia is striving for peace with Ukraine. According to him, the occupying country deliberately decided on this statement against the background of the transfer of modern weapons to Ukraine.

They want that when journalists work with sources from both sides, the message will look like this: “The West gives Ukraine weapons, and Russia is set for peace

Aleksey Arestovich

He also added that the Kremlin’s task is to sow dissatisfaction with the war in Ukraine among Europeans.

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