Arestovich: The world will start to look more attentively at the war when the AFU go on the offensive

Interest in Russia’s war in Ukraine has fallen dramatically in the world.

This was stated by the Advisor to the Head of the President’s Office, Aleksey Arestovich.

According to him, there are several reasons for this: the summer period, long-lasting hostilities and the lack of significant success for one of the parties.

He believes that as soon as the hostilities become more active and the Armed Forces of Ukraine go on the offensive, the world will again begin to look more closely at the events in Ukraine.

Recall that Arestovich predicted when Russian troops began to withdraw from Ukraine.

According to the adviser to the head of the Presidential Office, the Russians will have a sense of the senselessness of what is happening and begin to withdraw from the Ukrainian territories.

Also, according to him, the occupiers will begin to withdraw without having received military achievements and realizing the futility.

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