Arestovich: There will be no offensive from Belarus; there will be new missile launches

There is no strike force in Belarus.

Advisor to the Presidential Office Aleksey Arestovich noted that today there is no immediate danger of ground actions from Belarus.

As Arestovich said in his Telegram, the Belarusian army is not ready and unwilling, and the Russian leadership is willing but not ready.

About ten thousand Russian servicemen are now in Belarus, and this is not a single group, but a hodgepodge of different units with different tasks, some generally solve the problems of logistics and infrastructure support.

Aleksey Arestovich

Arestovich’s comment followed after the appeal of the Ukrainian military Valery Markus to the residents of the Rivne and Volyn regions, if possible, to leave the house for the next month. “Those who live in the northwestern part of the Rivne region and the northeastern Volyn region, I recommend going somewhere to rest for the next month. When everything is fine, you will calmly return to yourself,” Markus wrote.

According to the adviser to the Presidential Office, in order for the danger to become significant, the number of ground troops of the RF Armed Forces in Belarus should gain weight of at least 20-25 thousand troops, combined into a strike group.

It’s still a long way off, if it’s planned at all.

Aleksey Arestovich

So far, everything looks like the main task of the Belarusian grouping of Russian troops is to create a threat without an invasion so that we cannot withdraw troops from the defense of the north to other directions, Arestovich noted.

Arestovich replied that in the near future new strikes by Iranian UAVs, OTRK of the Iskander type, and the departure of Russian aircraft from the airspace of Belarus are possible.

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