Arestovich told interesting facts about the “Freedom of Russia” Legion

The “Freedom of Russia” Legion, made up of Russian military personnel, is fighting for Ukraine on the front lines and doing it very well. In the Russian Federation itself, this legion has already become a real subculture.

The number of military applications for joining the Legion is off scale.

Aleksey Arestovich, the adviser to the head of the President’s Office, spoke about this in a conversation with Russian human rights activist Mark Feygin.

“On the front line. They are fighting very well. There are several dozen, it’s like a separate unit disguised as the Ukrainian Armed Forces,” the adviser to the head of the Presidential Office said.

“The number of applications to the legion, including the Russian army, is off the scale. They don’t have time to consider it. I see how the legion is marching across Russia. Because they send me dozens of pictures every day, where they once again drew the letter” L”, once again with the legion’s name, and so on, there is its own music, its own subculture,” Arestovich said.

He also drew attention to a curious fact. During the May 9 parade, Russian President Vladimir Putin at the end of his speech, said: “For Russia, for victory.”

And the slogan of the legion is “For Russia, for freedom.”

“That is, no matter how Vladimir Vladimirovich tries to block the slogan that is already spreading throughout Russia, an attempt to oppose something to it – it seems that the legion has already got everyone and everyone in the Kremlin are afraid of it,” the adviser noted.

“I know that in the Russian units, including in the JFO zone, special work is being carried out to explain the legion’s viciousness and prevent the military personnel’s sympathies, and even more so – the transition. Moreover, the FSB political officer in military units is directly tasked to prevent it,” Arestovich informed.

He also said that the system for selecting candidates for the legion is very complicated, mainly to prevent FSB officers. For example, a double polygraph test is carried out.

During the war between Ukraine and Russia, a rare event occurred: the invader went over to the side of our country. Captain Maxim Anatolyevich Lesnichenko decided to join the Freedom of Russia legion and fight on the side of Ukraine. The officer wrote about this in a report dated April 3.

In a video posted on the Ukrainian Dialogue Telegram channel, Lesnichenko apologized for bringing war to our country. He duplicated his decision to join the “Freedom of Russia”. Previously, the invader served in the anti-tank artillery battalion in Ussuriysk.

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